CLOSED LOOP "Time Cycle™" Controls for Melt Filtration


Screen feed controls regulate the movement of the filter screen based on our proprietary algorithm that has been developed and refined over decades of use in thousands of installations.  Directed by this logic, our screen changers become a fully integrated element of the extrusion process, delivering optimum performance.




The CLOSED LOOP algorithm uses our proprietary  Screen Guide & Resolver Assembly™ to monitor and ensure a consistent rate of screen movement.

TIME CYCLE™ based controls operate on an algorithm that generates an operating cycle by which the screen advances in time cycles at a constant rate. The rate (inches or mm per hour) of screen travel is programmable and is automatically maintained by means of a feedback loop - the Resolver Assembly™. 

The controls automatically compensate for minor variations in processing conditions such as fluctuations in head pressure or water temperature to maintain a consistent rate of screen advancement. This allows for fine tuning to the specific parameters of a given application, maintaining steady head pressure and conserving screen consumption. 


closed loop time cycle control screen changer melt filtration of polymer in extrusion

 Features of the Closed Loop - Time algorithm:

 Alarms (visual and audible) supplied for:

 Protections supplied for:


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