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inches or mm
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lbs/hr or kgs/hr

Please list all polymer(s) to be processed on this equipment:
New Line Retro-fit of an existing line

If this is a retro-fit of an existing line, what is your current method of filtration?
If there is a conventional screen pack used in the intended application, please indicate the number of layers and their respective mesh sizes (e.g., 40 + 80 + 40). You may also send us an unused screen pack as a sample.

Fairly even, predictable levels of contamination, such as "virgin" feed stock or a mixture of "virgin" and in-plant scrap. If in-plant scrap is used, please indicate the percentage within the virgin matrix. %
Unpredictable, widely varying levels of contamination.
In-plant scrap: what % added to virgin matrix? %
Out-side purchased scrap: what % added to virgin matrix? %
Frequency of screen pack changes:
In a typical scenario, how frequently are the screen packs changed? x per day
In a "worst case" scenario, how frequently are screen packs changed? x per day
Operating Pressure:
Range of operating pressures at the end of the extruder barrel (head pressure)
a) with clean screen pack: psi or bar
b) with dirty/clogged screen pack: psi or bar

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